Calli LundComment


Calli LundComment

I am officially and currently 4 weeks out from my first NPC bikini competition! 

4 freakin weeks guys, 4 WEEKS! I am so excited and so nervous all at once! I have learned so much on this prep and it’s been really cool to look at my body from a different perspective. I see it more as a science experiment kinda and it’s fun to see the changes weekly and see all my hard work from the past year of building muscle come out. It’s definitely hard cutting down on calories and doing cardio (I hate cardio but trying to learn to love it).


I’m competing in an NPC show in Las Vegas on March 10th and I’m so excited to get to go down there for the weekend and hopefully have a little mini vacation after my show is over and get to relax a little.

I have been training with Anneke from Fitbliss Fitness for about the past 8 months and she has been so much help getting me to where I am now and I definitely could not have done it with out her! I’m still counting my macros/calories and still getting to enjoy little treats here and there by fitting them into my macros so I don’t feel completely deprived which is AMAZING! I’m currently working out 5-6 days a week with about 120min of cardio per week. For my workouts I do a lot of compound movements (squats, deadlifts, bench press) with accessory work.


I got my bikini last week and am absolutely in love with it! Heidi (lucky buns bikini’s) did such an incredible job and it’s even better than I ever imagined! I’m not even going to lie it’s the tiniest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m terrified to actually wear it in front of people but I’m gonna do it anyway. I’ve been going to posing classes and practicing that and just praying I don’t fall on stage so everyone send me good vibes so that doesn’t happen! Posing classes have helped so much and I’m starting to get my routine down.


Everyone always asks me what the first thing I’m going to eat after my show and it’s so funny because honestly I don’t really know I’m not really craving anything because I mean if I am really wanting something I just try to fit it into my macros. But I am excited to just be able to order like French fries or something because I haven’t had them in forever because usually if I go out to eat I would rather have the bun on a burger or something over French fries. So I’m just excited to not worry so much about food and for my calories to go back up a little.  


I’m also really excited about going back into a building phase and improving my strength (and eating all the food)!!! One of the things I have loved about this prep is that I have been able to maintain and even improve my strength a little and I still feel strong which I am very grateful for!  


I think that is about it, if you have any questions or anything don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Thanks for reading! 

XO, Calli May

Leggings and Top // GymShark

Shoes // adidas