Calli LundComment


Calli LundComment

I was blessed with a great sleeper. Some may call it luck and that may be true, But all I know is if Grey doesn't have his DOCKATOT it's gonna be a rough night.


I'm going to keep it real with you here. We have been using our DOCKATOT since Grey was born he is now 14 months and we are still in love with it and couldn't live with out it. I will never share a product that I don't 100% believe in. I also want to thank DOCKATOT for sending us our second one because now cope no longer needs to steal his brothers and everyone is a happy camper! All opinions are MINE! K, now that thats out of the way let me tell ya why we are so obsessed!


I think most of moms out there will agree with me when I say moving your baby into their own room and into their crib is one of the scariest things you will do. It's so hard to move this little human that has been with you basically 24/7 since you conceived into a room of their own. With cope I had the hardest time moving him into his own room but after a long transition it was a game changer for both of us and we slept so much better! This time around with Grey I knew I had to make the transition faster and smoother than I did the first time. I procrastinated because I didn’t feel comfortable, I was nervous and the DOCKATOT has provided me with a sense of security knowing my baby is tucked into a safe space for him to snooze.


Before moving Grey into his own room we used the DOCKATOT in our room as a co-sleeper. I loved having my little babe so close, especially when I was nursing him all through the night. When we decided to move him into his own room it made for a much easier transition, Grey was already accustomed to the DOCKATOT and continued to sleep like a CHAMP. It was INCREDIBLE. That was the point when I realized that the DOCKATOT was a game changer and I wish I would have had one when Cope was a baby.

We also love to travel everywhere with our DOCKATOT, whether it’s a day trip to the Grandparents or flying out of state for vacation. We don’t have to worry about killing Grey’s sleep vibes and schedule. Cope is also ten times more likely to nap if there is a DOCKATOT near by for him! Hello mom-sanity!


 Now here’s the details! The DOCKATOT is a multi-functional lounger that comes in 2 sizes. The deluxe(0-9m) and the grand(9m-36m but I mean I like to lay in it soooo theres that). Guys it is handmade with 100% natural cotton in Europe and designed in Sweden and tested for breathability, it is so amazing! Its perfect for babies because it creates an ideal micro-climate that makes them feel safe and secure. All with the added bonus of putting this mama at ease!


Wether we are hanging out at home, visiting grandparents, or traveling to new places we bring our DOCKATOT. It is my number one recommended baby product and I buy one for all my pregnant mama friends because it is that good!

XO, Calli May