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Things I Really Wouldn't Want To Live Without

Calli LundComment
Things I Really Wouldn't Want To Live Without

When you are preparing for a new baby there are so many things you "need". Or at least you think you need. I want to share the things I really loved and wouldn't want to live with out!

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1. Dock-A-Tot  This was one of those things I thought couldn't be that great. I mean it's a pillow, what could possibly be that great about it?! Let me tell you it's a freaking pillow with weird magical powers. its the unicorn of all pillows. We started using it when Greyson was about 4 months old and we love it! He sleeps like a champ in it and its amazing for traveling to have a familiar bed so he sleeps great wherever we are. Sure yea it ain't cheap but what is your sleep and sanity worth? once Grey grew out of the smaller deluxe size we had to upgrade to the grand size because I don't want to know what sleep would be like with out it!

2. Rock and play - This we got as a gift from our baby shower and boy was I so grateful for it. Grey slept in it for the first 4 months until we transitioned him to the Dock. What I loved about this is it kept him at a slight incline and I could rock it while I was in bed with out having to get up. #momwin I also loved How easy it was to move around the house so I would put him in it while I shower and got ready or while I was doing the dishes.

3. Sound machine - OK so this wasn't just for Grey. This made me sleep so great! Who doesn't want to pretend they are sleeping on the beach? I was really sad when we moved grey to him own room and I had to give this one up and I was pretty tempted to get another one for myself.... This was another thing we got for our baby shower (Michael + Tyler thanks again for coming in clutch with the baby gifts you guys are the real MVP's) that I didn't really think I needed but boyyyyyyyyy was I wrong.

4. UppaBaby Vista - This one was was a real investment. But before you think Im crazy hear me out. I wanted a stroller that wasn't bulky, wasn't hideous, pushed easily, and one I could use for a long time! This stroller fit all of those needs plus more! The basket on the bottom is HUGE like seriously I can fit so much stuff in in! You can have it as a single or a double and its not too wide or long and it turns on a dime. You can flip the seats forward or back and everyone who pushes it comments on how smooth it is!

5. Ergo 360 - I'm kinda mad no one told me I needed this sooner. I just got this maybe a month ago and I use it almost everyday! Let's just say having 2 kids has kicked my butt. 1 kid sure no problem, 2 WOW my whole world changed. It is so hard for me to get out of the house by my self with both kids. This has made my life so much easier to to wear Grey while we are out and then I can be hands free to help Cope or to do whatever!

6. Covered Goods - I loved having this nursing cover! It has so many different uses too! first its a nursing cover that gives you full coverage but honestly this is what I used it the least amount for! it also makes a really great car seat cover because it doesn't blow off and it keeps old people from touching your baby so its a double win. I also love using it as a shopping cart cover to keep all the germs away.

7. Fawn Design bag - ok do you really need this probably not but it's super cute and is the best looking diaper bag I have seen so you probably do need it. It has a bunch of pockets to keep everything organized and it comes in so many cute colors. my only complaint is it is kinda hard to open with one hand but it fits so much stuff so its worth it.

8. ikea High Chair- This is really the only option out there for a high chair. It's perfect! It is small, easy to clean, and isn't hideous. I love it so much I am debating weather or not I need another one because Cope still loves sitting in it!

XO, Calli May