Calli Lund

How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight

Calli Lund
How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight

Let me just start out by saying weight is just a number. It should not define you or determine your happiness.

My weight has fluctuated a lot the past 6 years. I got married at one of the heaviest weights I have ever been then lost weight gained weight with my pregnancy (about 50lbs) each time. And now am at one of the lowest weights I've been at since high school. 

Loosing weight is hard! But its not impossible if you make the choice to commit to it! I am now stronger and healthier than I have been since Ive been married. (and really probably ever) I am NOT a professional and if your looking to loose weight and improve your health I strongly suggest to look into a coach.

In January I decided I was tired of hating how I looked and I decided to commit to getting back in shape. I talked with tanner and told him I needed his support. I needed him to help me go to the gym by helping with the kids in the afternoon when he got home from work so I could go and to push me to go on the days I didn't want to go. He's the best and obviously wanted to support and help me in any way he could. I think that is so important to have someone to support you.

I started going to the gym 4-5 times a week doing 20 min. of cardio and 40 min of weight training. I also started to loosely track my calories and macros. I lost about 10lbs in a 3 month period. I then decided I needed help and hired a coach. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION! Anne with Fitbliss Fitness has helped me so much! When I first hire her she bumped up my calories and I started "bulking" what this means is that I was eating more calories than I was burning and lifting heavy to build lean muscle mass. What this does is it will boost your metabolism making it easier to loose fat later down the road. I still lost about 5lbs during this process before we started a cutting phase where I lost another 5lbs. 

I love counting macros because it allows me to reach my goals with out completely depriving myself of the things I love. I still get to eat everything but In moderation with out feeling guilty.(because chick-fil-a and in-n-out are life and who wants to give that up?!) I also cut out all cardio and then started adding a little back in once I started my cutting phase. Which means I spend less time in the gym now too!

I know counting macros and lifting weights can be super intimidating for someone who has never done it before, but I promise its not hard. You will get the hang of it super quick! Thats why I have loved working with Fitbliss Fitness because they help you every step of the way!

I would love to hear your goals weather they be fitness related or not! Thanks so much for reading!

-XOXO Calli May

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